Drag Race UK stars Baga Chipz, Blu Hydrangea and Vinegar Strokes share their advice on coming out to your family

Jayne Cherrington-Cook
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Watch: Baga Chipz, Blu Hydrangea and Vinegar Strokes reveal what happened when family members first saw them in drag

Coming out is a major milestone in any drag queen’s life and on the latest episode of Reality Check, our three agony queens reveal what it was like when they came out to their families.

Blu Hydrangea explained that for queens like her and her Drag Race UK co-stars, they have to come out twice.

“You come out as a gay person, and then you come up out as a drag queen soon after,” she explained.

For the look queen, her coming out was assisted by Facebook, when her mum came across her Blu Hydrangea page, but the first person to ever see her perform in drag was actually her dad.

“The first person to ever see me in real life was my dad and he was at a competition,” revealed Hydrangea.

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“He came back to pick up the props and my boyfriend said, 'Come on in. I need to show you something'. I was on stage being crowned the winner of this little pageant that we were doing in Belfast.”

She continued: “I always think that that was like one of the things that really made a difference in that he saw it when I was being successful. He saw me at my best - it makes such a difference.”

Vinegar Strokes, who recently hosted the Extra Lap Re-cap for Canada's Drag Race, said that while it was her mum who found out first about her sexuality, it was her brother’s reaction that she was most surprised by.

She thought he would be “not understanding” but it couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“He's the one person who has been so, so supportive from my family… Very supporting in me being who I am,” she revealed.

“He's my number one fan, he loves Vinegar Strokes. He loves coming to gigs. In fact, he's such a fan, I find it quite annoying!”

She continued: “We're very much very north London, very working class. You know, being gay and doing something creative isn't really the norm. The norm is to be straight, you get a trade and that's life, so for me to kind of break out the box and for him to be very supportive, is amazing.”

Baga Chipz also revealed that her brothers, one who is in the army, are also super supportive, but she thinks they may also use her drag queen fame as a way to get the ladies.

She laughed, saying: “I think that's his chat up line, to be honest... 'Ooo, my brother is Baga Chipz!' They can't shag me, so they want the next best thing!”

So, what advice can our ‘dragony’ queens give to those who are scared of coming out to their family?

Hydrangea’s advice is to try and make your family understand that you’re still very much you – and not something to be afraid of.

Baga Chipz attending the RuPaul Drag race premiere, Bloomsbury Ballroom, London. (Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)
Baga Chipz attending the RuPaul Drag race premiere, Bloomsbury Ballroom, London. (Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)

“They just have to be able to see a person being visibly gay in front of them to realise that they're not the scary thing,” she advises.

“What they are is just a human being that they love so much and that's all the matters.”

Chipz said it’s often the people you’re most scared of telling that are the most OK with your sexuality.

“The people you least expect can really surprise you and be like, 'I don't care',” she said. “Be you and if they don't like it, disown them!”

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