Honeymoons make happier marriages, according to newly released data

National Honeymoon Day, August 14, brings awareness to the importance of taking a honeymoon

CLEARWATER, Fla., Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Honeyfund, the wedding gift registry that makes honeymoons happen, has just released data showing that couples who travel together, stay together. The data also highlights the risk factors for missing the honeymoon — things like race, education and even the state one lives in — all play a larger part in the honeymoon equation than one may think.

Honeyfund.com is the #1 honeymoon and wedding planning website.
Honeyfund.com is the #1 honeymoon and wedding planning website.

In an effort to bring awareness to the importance of taking a honeymoon and ensure all couples can make the honeymoon happen, Honeyfund established National Honeymoon Day on August 14. Six months after Valentine's Day, Honeymoon Day celebrates the importance of taking a honeymoon and "keeping the honeymoon going" – making time for travel, intimacy, and connection in everyday life as a way of keeping romantic feelings alive throughout a marriage.

According to a survey of 1,000 married Americans, of those who rated their marital satisfaction as "Excellent," 84% of them also travel together regularly. In fact, upwards of 90% of couples who have taken 3 or more romantic trips since their honeymoon rate their relationship as "Good" or "Excellent." Out of the people who rated their marital satisfaction as "Not so good," 78% do not travel regularly. Finally, the #1 reason couples travel is to spend quality time together. The correlation between marital satisfaction and travel is evident, and Honeyfund is encouraging couples to prioritize the honeymoon and continue to plan romantic getaways throughout their marriage.

"Relationship research shows how important it is to continue to prioritize quality time with your partner," said Sara Margulis, CEO and co-founder of Honeyfund. "Our recent survey shows that honeymoon-style travel may be key to keeping a love relationship going. And with 91% of people claiming their partner is their favorite travel buddy, there's no reason not to plan that next trip."

Honeymoons play a special role in a marriage — they serve as a springboard for the special and intimate connection that will keep the couple in love for the long term. However, roughly 27% of couples never went on a honeymoon, and of those that did, 90% paid for their honeymoon on their own! (Those couples didn't know about Honeyfund, it would seem.)

And honeymooning is particularly at risk for some. Only 58% of black couples surveyed went on a honeymoon, as compared to 75% of white couples. And only 55% of those with a high school degree went on a honeymoon vs. 82% of those with a college degree. Honeyfund was created to help all couples take that important trip that starts their marriage off on the right foot.

One Honeyfund couple, Anne and Mike Howard, got married in January 2012, and took their honeymoon so seriously that they decided to literally keep it going for more than 10 years. Officially on "The World's Longest Honeymoon," the Howards, known as the 'Honeytrekkers,' have been to all seven continents and 64 countries. They've even authored a bestselling book, Ultimate Journeys for Two, published by National Geographic. To hear advice on how to keep the honeymoon going from the Honeytrekkers themselves, tune in to a special Instagram Live at @honeyfund on National Honeymoon Day, August 14 at 12pm ET.

For more information on Honeyfund or to register for your own honeymoon fund, visit honeyfund.com, and for travel inspiration, visit Honeyfund's resort directory.

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National Honeymoon Day - Honeymoon and Marital Satisfaction by the Numbers
National Honeymoon Day - Honeymoon and Marital Satisfaction by the Numbers

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