Honda Civic Type R walkaround

The new Civic Type R is more grown up and classier, complete with no more superfluous vents. But yeah, it still has lots o' wing.

Video Transcript

- I'm at Sonoma Raceway here in California with the all new Honda Civic Type R. Now the old Civic Type R was a pretty great car. But a little visually flamboyant. There's a lot going on, a lot of superfluous venting. Well, this car does not have superfluous venting because the venting that you see, with one exception, is real. It actually does stuff. So the vents down here, these are for the brakes. That's for engine cooling there. And then here, air goes in there, and out here in this totally functional vent. Vent back here is for aero purposes.

And then this element here looks like a vent. It really isn't. However, it's actually for downforce. And coming around the side, this is an aero element. It guides air around the wheels, which are very cool 19 inch wheels. And here, we have a diffuser, again, for aero. You have the very cool three part exhaust. And although the car in general is very, I'd say classy and restrained compared to the and less boy racery than the last one, it still has the very boy racery giant wing on the back.

And then inside, hello, red interior. It's a much nicer red fabric than what you'll find in the Civic SI. It's very rich looking. And then it does have the red carpet throughout. The back seat is not red, however. I don't love that. You do have the red Type R Honda badge and the very cool real metal shifter because every Type R is a manual transmission. And this isn't just a red SI seat. No, this is a different seat.

Key elements, this is a very rigid side bolster here. And then also, you can see here, this is separated. So when you're shifting, this part of the seat is separate from this. So it makes for a more comfortable driving experience. One element though, these are manual seats. Civic Sport Touring has power. And I know it would add weight. But really, there's not that much weight savings going on elsewhere in the car. So that's a disappointing part.

But otherwise, really nice looking. And again, kind of restrained interior, given that it's red, and this is a very boy racery car. But in general, visually, this is an improvement over the last one.