Homecoming Week leads to positive behavior

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Sep. 20—RUSHVILLE — Homecoming Week at Rushville Consolidated High School was full of fun activities. This did not slow the positive behavior and actions by the students.

Here is a look at the most recent winners of the Lion's SHARE award.

* Aaron Rode was nominated by Mrs. Brashaber. Mrs. Brashaber said that Aaron gave up his free time in Algebra class to help another student. Mrs. Brashaber said that she was listening and Aaron was doing an excellent job explaining some difficult mathematical concepts.

* Dana Durbin was nominated by Mrs. Lemmons. Mrs. Lemmons noted Dana's meticulousness and her work ethic. Mrs. Lemmons said that Dana takes incredibly thorough notes and annotations in English and shows very strong scholarship.

* Chelsey Boyer was nominated by Mr. Hadley. Mr. Hadley was paralyzed with fear when a ferocious yellow jacket landed on a student who is allergic to bees. While Mr. Hadley hid behind the podium, Chelsey snatched the monster by its wings with her bare hands. Some people would have killed the bee, but not Chelsey, she's too compassionate. She released the bee and spared its life, saving another student in the process. What a hero.

* Will Kuhn and Tyler Smith were nominated by Mrs. Carmony. Mrs. Carmony was impressed with their friendliness. Mrs. Carmony said that they noticed a student who was sitting alone. Will and Tyler offered for the student to join their group. Mrs. Carmoney said, "That is LION kindness!"

* Victoria Smiley was nominated by Mr. Haney and Ms. Baker. Mr. Haney was watching when he noticed that Victoria was cleaning up trash left behind in the sophomore and freshman sections of the bleachers. Mr. Haney said that many students failed to clean up their area at the conclusion of the Homecoming cookout. Victoria picked up an entire section of trash in the stands all by herself. Ms. Baker said that Victoria showed initiative and leadership. She knew what needed to be done and she did it without being asked. She cares about our facilities and staff. She's a great example of what Lions SHARE is all about. Thank you Victoria.

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