Hollywood Elite, Food Royalty & Venture Capital All Rush to Back ‘Better Brand’ — ‘The Beyond Meat of Carbs’

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Actress Emmy Rossum and Wendy’s heir Sean Thomas become latest to join growing list of notable investors to back ‘Better Brand,’ a consumer food tech company working to challenge the status quo of diet and healthy eating by disrupting the $8 trillion refined carbs market.

Like Beyond, L.A.-based ‘Better’ invests heavily in its R&D, innovating to turn the least healthy foods into the most healthy, in order to fundamentally change the way consumers see, perceive & interact with food. According to CEO Aimee Yang, "I, along with the vast majority of people, have felt the anxiety, stress, and deprivation associated with diet in very real and impactful ways. Our goal is to create a world where consumers have the ability to eat freely without restriction or worry, replacing guilt and deprivation with freedom and empowerment, while improving human health on a macro level. This is an entire movement towards 'Better' in every sense of the word — it’s something the world is craving (no pun intended…), and we are certainly excited for it."

The company, born out of the Wharton School in 2020, has also recently accepted investment from Verso Capital, a player in the disruptive food tech space who has also funded unicorns Impossible Foods & Eat Just. www.betterbrandus.com

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