Holby City teases death storyline for Jac and Eli in new trailer

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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Holby City spoilers follow.

Holby City has released a new autumn trailer, and it revealed more devastating news for Jac and Eli.

The trailer released today (October 22) shows the next chapter as Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) continues to struggle with her tumour and her attempts to manage it through the stent trial.

Jac revealed her diagnosis back in August, and has been obsessively helping Eli (Davood Ghadami) with his pioneering stent research, which could be her only chance to beat the brutal symptoms.

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She told Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry) earlier in the series: "I don't know how long I've got before the tremors start, the seizures, vision loss, but I don't want to waste it being coddled or helping other people come to terms with the fact that I might be dying.

"This trial, Eli's research, is my only chance but it's not why I took this job."

Later, she revealed that the brain tumour was more serious than she first thought, and that she was likely to go blind.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

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In the new trailer released by the BBC, the situation takes a downward turn as Eli's wife Amelia (Lucy Briggs-Owen) confirms that "one of the other candidates, she didn't make it".

But Jac is later told: "Just because she didn't make it, it doesn't mean you won't."

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

In the newly-teased scenes, Jac runs to the stairwell to hide. Has the vision loss hit her faster than doctors anticipated?

Another doctor revealed: "Amelia's tumour has come back. She's got a place on the same study as Jac."

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

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Meanwhile, the stent research doesn't seem to be going as planned for Amelia either. She tells her husband that their "prayers have been answered", presenting him with three positive pregnancy tests.

He tells her: "If you continue with the pregnancy, you will be thrown off the study." But she insists: "I am grabbing what could be our only chance to have a child."

But when Eli asks her if her survival is more important than having a baby, she says: "No. Nothing is."

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

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The failing stent study has left it all on the line for Jac, Amelia and Eli. Will things turn around, or are Jac and Amelia in trouble?

Holby City airs on BBC One.

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