High school student's petition to move Super Bowl to Saturday hits more than 100K signatures

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High school student Frank Ruggeri is taking a stand against Super Bowl Sunday, and offering an arguably better solution for America's favorite football game.

The 18-year-old from Palm Bay, Fla., optioned to move the annual date of the Super Bowl to Saturday instead of Sunday. His Change.org campaign page quickly gained thousands upon thousands of signatures. As of Tuesday morning, it has more than 100,000 signatures – and counting – while a small movement is forming.

Although the Super Bowl has been on Sunday since it began in 1967, one common complaint is that a late and exciting game for the greatest sporting spectacle of the year leaves little turnaround time before a regular Monday-Friday work week.

"It's really, really important to me because 17.2 million people miss work," Ruggeri said, citing the numbers, in a CBS TV appearance. "That's 44 billion dollars less of productivity."

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Some spectators have even suggested the Monday after the Super Bowl to be on par with national holidays to be off work. In a recent survey, more than 40% citing rather working Presidents Day, Martin Luther King's birthday or Columbus Day than the Monday after the NFL championship game.

In previous public interviews, current NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has noted that the television audience is larger on Sunday than it would be on Saturday.

"Commissioner Goodell, there would be more viewership," Ruggeri argued. "The people will be watching. Bigger party. And I think the economic impact would be easier to have it on a Saturday."

The Super Bowl moved weekends this year for the first time, previously being held the first week of February. This year's Super Bowl is Feb. 13 in Los Angeles. The San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams face off in the NFC championship on this upcoming Sunday and the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs square off in the AFC championship on Sunday.

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