Here's why TikTok is obsessed with French McDonald's

Reasons to plan a post-quarantine trip to France: the art, the wine, the romance … and McDonald’s. That’s the feeling thousands of TikTok users are getting, thanks to one user’s tour inside the chain’s French version. The TikToker, Elliot Norris, is known for his videos on what fast food restaurants look like abroad. In one of his most viral videos, he heads to a French McDonald’s for breakfast. Norris’ tour shows a huge spread of pastries, desserts and breakfast snacks — including macaroons, donuts and hot chocolate. Norris ordered a sandwich and a few of the chain’s McGriddles, which are essentially served as mini-pancakes in France. “They should have these in the U.S., they’re way softer,” he added. TikTok users seemed to agree with Norris’ enthusiasm. “This is why I’m moving to France,” one user wrote. As BuzzFeed reported, McDonald’s in France also sells baguettes, croque monsieur sandwiches and even beer