Here's What Fans Have To Say About "Knock At The Cabin"

Knock At The Cabin was released in cinemas last Friday, and fans are already dissecting the movie and serving up their opinions.

Dave Bautista in Knock At The Cabin

The film is the latest work of Director M. Night Shyamalan who is known for films like The Sixth Sense (1999), Unbreakable (2000), Signs (2002),The Village (2004), and more recently, Old (2021).

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The plot follows a family of three as their remote cabin vacation is interrupted by four strangers who hold them hostage, whilst demanding that the family sacrifice one of their own to avert an impending apocalypse.

Jonathan Groff in Knock At The Cabin

The film stars Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff, and Rupert Grint, plus Ben Aldridge, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Kristen Cui, and Abby Quinn.

And as often comes with Shyamalan's films, there's a mixed bag of opinions, with fans deeming it both the best and worst film of the director's career.

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1.This fan seemed to love everything about the new film:

2.Whilst one viewer may have left the cinema like this:

3.One watcher fears for their lost time:

4.Another is here for Shyamalan's consistency with great child actors:

5.One fan thinks the director consistently fumbles the third act in his films:

6.While this viewer was struck by the opening scene:

7.This fan enjoyed the film but is still thinking on the ending:

8.One viewer thinks it's Shyamalan's best film since The Village:

9.But, another blames the screenplay for their feelings of frustration with the movie:

10.One fan simply thinks the film is perfect:

11.Yet this viewer makes a good point. Is it really a Shyamalan film without his signature twist?

12.One watcher loved the film but apparently wanted some more graphic kills:

13.Sometimes, the more you think about something, the worse it feels:

14.Apparently, Dave Bautista wears glasses when his performances get serious:

15.One viewer thinks the film was just okay, but appreciated Kristen Cui:

16.Another watcher warns you not to waste your time or money:

17."P.S. not for kids":

18.Finally, this watcher had one simple word to highlight how they found the film:

Have you seen Knock At The Cabin yet? What did you think?