Hello Products® Expands Naturally Friendly™ Footprint with Nationwide Free Recycling Program

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Unveils Partnership with The Natural Care Recycling Program and TerraCycle®

MONTCLAIR, N.J., Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Personal care recycling just got more friendly. Hello Products, one of the fastest growing natural personal care brands in the US, is excited to announce its highly-anticipated partnership with international recycling leader TerraCycle. Beginning September 22nd, hello will be part of the Natural Care Recycling Program, which offers a free and easy way to recycle your favorite personal care products like mouthwash bottles and caps, toothbrushes, deodorant containers and caps, floss containers, and toothpaste tubes and caps through a mail-back collection program.

Hello Products
Hello Products

"We're proud to partner with TerraCycle to help bring advanced recycling options to more families and communities," says Craig Dubitsky, friendly founder of hello. "Hello's mission is to create the most natural, effective, personal care products as possible, in the friendliest and most sustainable way possible."

To participate in the Natural Care Recycling Program, consumers can sign up on the TerraCycle program page at http://terracycle.com/toms-hello and mail in any personal care packaging using a prepaid shipping label. Participation may be limited. Once collected, the packaging is cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new products. Every shipment of personal care packaging sent to TerraCycle earns collectors points that can be used for charitable gifts or converted to cash and donated to a non-profit, school, or charitable organization of their choice.

"The Natural Care Recycling Program represents a unique and sustainable opportunity for consumers to divert waste from landfills," says Tom Szaky, CEO and Founder of TerraCycle. "Together, with the help of hello, we are making it simple to eliminate the idea of waste and have a positive impact on the environment for future generations."

Through the program, users will be able to recycle personal care products from ANY brand. According to Dubitsky, "That's just how we roll." Users can join the program and download a free shipping label, search the map for a local recycling solution, or find a curbside municipal recycling area. "Through this alliance and our acceptance of a wide range of personal care packaging regardless of brand, we're working with TerraCycle to help reduce waste across the U.S.," says Dubitsky.

To learn more about TerraCycle's recycling programs, visit www.terracycle.com

About hello®
Say hello to a new kind of naturally friendly™ personal care that rocks thoughtfully sourced, effective ingredients and designs that'll make you smile. Hello products are made in North America with globally sourced ingredients, and are vegan, cruelty-free and free of dyes, artificial sweeteners/flavors, parabens, microbeads, and triclosan. Anything less would be unfriendly. Learn more + smile more at www.helloproducts.com

About TerraCycle
TerraCycle is an innovative waste management company with a mission to eliminate the idea of waste. Operating nationally across 20 countries, TerraCycle partners with leading consumer product companies, retailers and cities to recycle products and packages, from dirty diapers to cigarette butts, that would otherwise end up being landfilled or incinerated. In addition, TerraCycle works with leading consumer product companies to integrate hard to recycle waste streams, such as ocean plastic, into their products and packaging. Its new division, Loop, is the first shopping system that gives consumers a way to shop for their favorite brands in durable, reusable packaging. TerraCycle has won over 200 awards for sustainability and has donated over $44 million to schools and charities since its founding more than 15 years ago and was named #10 in Fortune magazine's list of 52 companies Changing the World. To learn more about TerraCycle or get involved in its recycling programs, please visit www.terracycle.com.

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(PRNewsfoto/Hello Products)
(PRNewsfoto/Hello Products)

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