Helicopters from across the state respond to Amtrak train crash in northern Missouri

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Helicopters from around the state were responding to transport patients to hospitals after an Amtrak train collided with a dump truck in northern Missouri Monday afternoon.

All four helicopters from LifeFlight Eagle Kansas City were either transporting a patient or prepping to transport more following the crash near Mendon, Missouri, around 1:40 p.m., said Matt Daugherty, Lifeflight’s director of business development

Helicopters were responding from rural areas throughout the state, and at least eight were transporting patients, Daugherty said. The helicopters are owned by programs in Kansas City and University of Missouri Health Care, he said.

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The patients can be taken to any Level 1 trauma response center, which includes University Hospital in Columbia, University of Kansas Health System, St. Luke’s Hospital, Research Medical Center, and University Health in Kansas City.

Daugherty knew there were “a number” of injuries, including some people in critical condition. But, he said, it could take hours to get a full count on how many people were hurt and where they were transported.