Heal Bruises Faster with Lucis Light Patch, a Screen-Printed Light Source Targeting Bruises Overnight

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Launching today, Lucis Light Patch offers affordable, convenient treatment of bruises anywhere on the body, allowing people to customize their recovery.

DRESDEN, Germany, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Heal bruises quicker with Lucis Light Patch, a screen-printed light source that uses artificial light to mimic sunlight and heal bruises sooner. Launching today, Lucis Light Patch is an innovative and convenient approach to bruise treatment. It's an ideal solution for everyone, including athletes, chronic bruisers, children and older adults.

A bruise forms when the skin or tissues below the skin are injured. On average, it takes up to three weeks to fully heal, according to Healthline. Exposing the bruise to sunlight (UV radiation) for 15 minutes can help break down bilirubin, the substance that causes bruises to change colors. But sunlight isn't available 24/7 nor is it always convenient or possible to expose a bruise to light.

Laser light therapy is a common treatment to help patients heal from a wide variety of medical issues, including bruises from injuries and injections.

These laser treatments can be expensive and inconvenient with most of them done in a doctor's office. While there are blue light therapy devices on the market for treating acne, there aren't any light therapy devices that can target places over the entire body.

"Phototherapy is a widely-used medical treatment for acne, psoriasis and even bruises," said Pavel Benes, CEO of Photothera Labs. "Laser treatments are expensive and time-consuming, often requiring several sessions to get rid of a bruise or scar. Lucis Light Patch offers a convenient and affordable alternative to getting rid of bruises faster."

With Lucis Light Patch, bruises are exposed to cold light with the use of a patch and electric inverter. This gives people the freedom to treat their bruises from home or on the go. The yellow and blue light patches use phototherapy to mimic sunlight at night and are covered in special medical silicone to prevent skin damage. The yellow patch helps speed up blood and lymph circulation during the first few days of bruising, while the blue patch accelerates bilirubin distribution.

Light therapy uses various wavelengths that correspond to different colors, such as blue and yellow. The Cleveland Clinic found blue light affects the uppermost layer of skin, while yellow light penetrates deeper. Both heal bruises faster.

Lucis Light Patch offers an affordable and convenient alternative to laser treatments and other devices on the market. Simply attach the yellow or blue light patch (depending on bruise color) to the skin at night and turn on the electric inverter to begin the healing process. An optional stretchy sleeve can help keep the light patch in place. Once done, plug the patch into the charger until its next use. Each charge lasts eight hours.

Lucis Light Patch is available starting at €84.00 at pr.go2.fund/lucis.

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