Havana syndrome 2.0? Harris trip to Vietnam delayed by 'possible anomalous health incident' in Hanoi

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Vice President Kamala Harris’s departure from Singapore to Vietnam was delayed by several hours following a report of a health incident in Hanoi.

“Earlier this evening, the Vice President’s traveling delegation was delayed from departing Singapore because the Vice President’s office was made aware of a report of a recent possible anomalous health incident in Hanoi, Vietnam,” the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi said in a statement on Tuesday. Government officials use the term “anomalous health incident” to refer to the mysterious Havana syndrome.


“After careful assessment, the decision was made to continue with the Vice President’s trip,” the embassy said. “The delegation will leave Singapore tonight and arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam.”

The incident required medical evacuation for at least one official over the weekend, according to CBS News.

Asked about the delay, Symone Sanders, senior adviser for Harris, told reporters the vice president is “well” and that “all is fine.”

“This has nothing to do with the vice president’s health,” Sanders later said on Air Force 2.

Havana syndrome was first reported by diplomats from the U.S. and Canada in Cuba in 2016. Cases have since been reported worldwide, including recently at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

The incidents remain a “top priority” for Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who, during the presidential transition, “proactively requested” a briefing on the issue, State Department spokesman Ned Price said last week.

“Even before he was secretary of state, he wanted to know precisely what we knew, what this department knew at the time, and what we were doing to respond to this,” Price said.


Harris was scheduled to depart Singapore Tuesday afternoon after remarks on the Biden administration’s policy in the Indo-Pacific. She left some three hours after the scheduled departure.

The vice president’s trip to Singapore and Vietnam comes as the U.S. seeks to reassure allies in the region of its priorities.

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