Hans Zimmer Reacts to Oscar Win in Bathrobe: ‘Who Else Has Pajamas Like This?’ (Video)

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Hans Zimmer won his first Oscar in nearly three decades on Sunday night, but unfortunately he was unable to accept the award in person. So he celebrated with his daughter, a mini statue and a drink at his hotel in Amsterdam.

Zimmer took home the award for Best Score, thanks to his work on “Dune,” but his category was among the eight that were handed out before the televised broadcast began. But he made sure his fans knew just how thrilled he was.

“It’s 2am in Amsterdam, and my daughter Zoë woke me up to go to the hotel bar,” Zimmer tweeted. “Wow!!”

The composer added two photos to the tweet, showing himself with a miniature souvenir version of the Oscar statue — one that could fit inside his bathrobe pocket.

Later, Zimmer posted a video of himself speaking to those he was with, giving a mini acceptance speech.

“Who else has pajamas like this?” Zimmer joked. “Actually, let me say this, and this is for real. Had it not been for you, most of these people in this room, this would never have happened.”

You can watch Zimmer’s full video here and below.

With Sunday night’s win, Zimmer set the record for longest gap between wins for Best Original Score. He won his first Oscar for the score of “The Lion King” back in 1994.