Hamilton Zanze and CBRE Release Report on Benefits of 1031 Exchange Tax Policy

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- San Francisco-based real estate firm Hamilton Zanze (HZ) , in partnership with the CBRE Strategic Investment Consulting group, is releasing a report today titled "1031 Exchanges & the Public Interest: 10 Benefits for the Economy, Communities, and the U.S. Treasury."

The result of an extensive economic analysis effort, the report details the numerous real and potential impacts that any major changes to this 100-year-old tax policy might have on the country.

"Our business, focused on the multifamily commercial real estate sub-sector, has managed hundreds of 1031 exchange real estate transactions for individuals and families for 20 years," said Mark Hamilton, co-founder of Hamilton Zanze. "These individuals have been from many walks of life and have been at various points in their own financial journeys, so we thought it was important to study the potential impacts that any chances to this policy might bring to the multitude of people impacted by the commercial real estate marketplace."

The report focuses on a wide variety of individuals, groups, government bodies, and economic sectors that might see impacts if any changes emerge. Some of the key benefits offered by the policy, and highlighted in the report, include:

  1. Benefits to Millions of Residential Renters

  2. Benefits to the Fiscal Health and Policy Goals of Local and State Governments

  3. Benefits to Small, Growing Businesses

  4. Benefits to Those Preparing for Retirement

  5. Benefits to Overall Financial Market Stability

Like any tax policy that has been intact for this tenure, the impacts of any significant revisions or eliminations to the 1031 exchange would be surrounded by numerous unforeseen and unintended consequences. The report not only attempts to analyze and unveil some of those potential consequences, but also advocates for the importance of stability during today's uncertain economic times.

"During the pandemic, the 1031 exchange policy provided the support to help uphold our nation's vibrant commercial real estate industry even amidst a highly uncertain season for businesses across a multitude of sectors," said Justin Fossum, HZ Research Lead. "From construction contractors, to real estate brokers, to transaction attorneys, and more, this industry retained millions of jobs with the help of activity afforded by this policy."

To read the report in its entirety, please visit https://hamiltonzanze.com/10-reasons-to-preserve-1031-like-kind-exchanges/.

Hamilton Zanze (HZ) is a private, San Francisco-based real estate investment company that owns and operates apartment communities. Since its founding in 2001, Hamilton Zanze has acquired over $4.8 billion in multifamily assets primarily in the Western, Southwestern, and Eastern U.S. The company currently owns and operates 92 properties (21,536 units) across 15 states and 27 markets. For additional information, visit www.hamiltonzanze.com.

The CBRE Strategic Investment Consulting group is comprised of seasoned consultants whose backgrounds combine tenure with some of the most prestigious consulting firms in the world together with real-world corporate real estate leadership experience. Several are highly trained and skilled facilitators, change management leaders, and industry thought leaders who both follow and help shape some of the leading trends in our industry. To learn more, visit www.cbre.com.

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