Halo 3: ODST is now out on PC

On Sept. 14, Microsoft announced Halo ODST would be coming to Windows. It’s part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC, an anthology of all the Halo titles released thus far except Halo 5: Guardian. The PC ports for the games in the MCC have been launched on a rolling basis, and now on Sept. 22, Halo ODST is live on PC. The release date also marks the game’s 11th anniversary. Halo ODST was the first Halo title (Halo Wars aside) starring a protagonist who wasn’t the Master Chief. Instead, you were the Rookie, the latest addition to an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper squad. Unlike the genetically enhanced Spartans who stood over 7 feet tall, the ODST were unmodified humans who only had their training and their wits. Halo ODST was also a fresh perspective for the Halo franchise. As the Rookie, you essentially play a detective trying to track down the separated members of your squad. This aesthetic is also reflected in Halo ODST’s jazzy soundtrack, another first for the series