Halloween is a place in SC you can visit now. Here are the spooky details

There is a place in South Carolina where you can really visit Halloween itself.

Well, you can visit a city named after the spooky holiday at least.

The city of Conway in Horry County recently announced that it had unofficially renamed itself Halloween for the month of October. The renaming is part of a concerted effort to boost tourism and economic development during the fall season, officials say.

“We make the bold assertion that, as far as we know, we did the research, we’re the first city to have amassed such a package of sights, eats and varied fun family activities — and that our doing so qualifies us, Conway, South Carolina, to bestow upon ourselves a new name — Halloween, South Carolina,” Mayor Barbara Blain-Bellamy said in a recent press conference.

Filled with tree-lined streets, historic homes and a revitalized business district, Conway began its fascination with Halloween a few years ago when it started decorating the downtown area with bright orange jack-o-lanterns. Blaine-Bellamy said the public comments about the decorations were positive and that downtown retailers noted a rise in visitors that they attributed in part to the displays.

“More and more of our storefronts are being decorated for a fabulous fall and Halloween here,” the mayor said. “We further expect that visitors will come to Conway from near and far to see the sights and enjoy the activities. While they’re here, they will eat in our restaurants, shop in our stores, stay in our hotels, positively impacting our merchants, sales and profits.”

To attract more visitors and patrons, the city has planned a host of Halloween-themed activities, ranging from ‘Spooky Boat Tours’ to a ‘Zombie Fun Run’ and a family fun day carnival.

See the full list of events by clicking here.

“Business owners, residents, churches and institutions are joining us in our plans and adding their own,” the mayor said. “If we are right in our predictions, Conway or Halloween will be known nationwide and beyond over the next several years as the place to visit during each October.”