Haiti police say former Supreme Court judge linked to president's assassination

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Haiti police said that a former Supreme Court judge has been linked to the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, Reuters reports.

State of play: Law enforcement officials said Wendelle Coq-Thelot, a former judge, had met with some Colombian mercenaries who allegedly were involved in Moïse's killing. Police issued an arrest warrant for Coq-Thelot earlier this week.

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  • "Coq-Thelot's whereabouts are unknown," Reuters writes.

  • The former judge's main residence was raided by police.

What they're saying: Colombian and Haiti-American detainees who were arrested in connection to the assassination told the police they had met with Coq-Thelot.

  • "These people gave to (police) details of documents signed during the meetings at Mrs. Coq's home," a Haitian police spokesperson said, per Reuters.

Context: Coq-Thelot and two other judges were removed from the Haitian Supreme Court in February after Moïse said he believed a coup was being organized against him, Reuters notes.

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