This guy who roasts McMansions from Zillow is our new favorite TikToker

TikTok user @cyberexboyfriend is every realtor’s worst nightmare. On his account, he hosts a popular series in which he tears apart random McMansions he finds on Zillow. It all started on Nov. 3, when @cyberexboyfriend posted a video captioned “roasting homes on Zillow”. The first home @cyberexboyfriend critiques is a six-bedroom home for sale in Mckinney, Texas, for just under $1.7 million. He is not a fan. With such an outpouring of support from his followers, @cyberexboyfriend decided to turn his one-off video into an uproarious series. Easily the funniest in the series is the one in which @cyberexboyfriend critiques a $675,000 four-bedroom home. Check out @cyberexboyfriend’s TikTok to see all of his hilarious (and surprisingly insightful) McMansion roasts