The Gritty Guru Releases Exciting New Guide On How To Navigate Any Obstacle In Her Innovative Book, Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT!

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TORONTO, Mar. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 13th, Author Hazlon (Haze) Schepmyer will release the ultimate guide for navigating any obstacle, called Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT: Self-Discovery Made Simple. The book serves as the testimony and culmination of Schepmyer's own ability to conquer personal and professional challenges while coaching others to navigate through their own circumstances. Schepmyer is the founder of Gritty Guru Company, a consulting firm that approaches problem-solving from a non-traditional point of view. Her experiences as an entrepreneur and facilitator are sprinkled throughout Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT. In it, she takes readers on a journey of self-discovery that helps them unlock the doors of wisdom and the mountains of solutions hidden inside them.

According to Schepmyer, a noted speaker and international educator, she began her journey to create Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT, when she lost the best job ever. The moment, though unnerving, presented an opportunity for Schepmyer. The self-professed Gritty Guru avoided the trap of drifting into self-doubt and fear, by creating the best job ever---her own business Gritty Guru Company. "In my opinion, the best job ever would be facilitating conversations that help people to know, grow and show their GRIT." Schepmyer manifested that vision which later led to the stories, steps and solutions beautifully captured inside Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT. In the book, she brilliantly breaks down the meaning of the word GRIT which she says can be specific to each reader. Challenges are a consistent experience in life, but they do not have to disrupt or deny someone's destiny; each person has the ability to access the on-switch to a solution-oriented mindset. Schepmyer artfully shows readers the way.

Schepmyer's approach to creating a formula for navigating challenges comes from how she sees herself. She says, "A Gritty Guru is someone who promotes candid self-reflection and encourages people to consider the opportunities that come imbedded in challenges." Answers are often cloaked in the shadow of problems; Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT provides a clear and distinguishable pathway toward their discovery.

Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT will offer anyone who seeks to reach their goals the necessary skills to stay on the path that aligns with who they are and their future. Though each person's journey is unique and laced with situation-specific complexities, Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT provides a powerful way forward that is nurtured internally instead of cultivated externally.

All of Haze Schepmyer's life experience has culminated in this incredible guidepost that will foster renewed passion, purpose and the unvarnished confidence in knowing that the solutions are inside each of us. Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT is the key to seeing life with new hope, momentum and triumph.

Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT: Self-Discovery Made Simple was produced by Dawn James, Managing Director of Publish and Promote.

It is scheduled for release on March 13th, 2021 and will be available on Amazon.

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