Gripping Murder Mystery Novel Continues the Thrills as Part of H.F. Beaumont's Riveting New Book Series

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"The Wiloby Estates" continues the suspense and investigation readers were left on the edge of their seats with at the end of book one of the series, "Descending the Spiral Staircase"

WINDSOR, Colo., June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The murder mystery readers were introduced to in H.F. Beaumont's thrilling first book, "Descending the Spiral Staircase" continues in the author's suspense-filled follow up "The Wiloby Estates" as he further explores the world of landscape construction while introducing engaging new characters and dramatic twists and turns. After reading about the reconstruction of the Albright's home in the magazine that covered the remodel in book one of the series, readers are introduced to the Wiloby's who have requested to have their backyard become just as magical as the Albright's which was featured as the main plot in book one.

The Wiloby's are customers of Stockdale Landscape Construction and upon completion of their backyard remodel, through a luau for family, friends, neighbors and the governor of the state which is broadcast live on multiple television stations. However, during several major events including the Governor's Ball, a western wear outfitter event, the grand opening of Stockdale Landscape Construction's new office and setting up new office locations in three separate states the criminal investigation from book one begins to expand and puts the daily routine of the Wiloby's into turmoil. Like "Descending the Spiral Staircase," this book also features a hand-drawn map and construction legend designed by Beaumont, who has over 45-years' experience in the landscape industry, as a visual aid to help bring the story to life for the reader.

"This is the perfect read for those who enjoy landscaping or landscape construction, action, adventure novels, and literary fiction that focuses on well-rounded characters and emotional exchanges that bring the novel to life. As a fan of the genres, it was great to see the dramatic twists and turns these character's lives underwent in the pursuit of this project and the aftermath it brought with it." – Reviewed by Tony Espinoza for the Pacific Book Review

Readers who enjoyed reading "Descending the Spiral Staircase" will be enlightened to the fullest by the Stockdale's and Albright's in "The Wiloby Estates" while also challenging their emotions from start to finish. Readers will be able to continue the suspense in book number three of the series, "Stockdale Avenue" which focuses on the expansion of Stockdale Landscape Construction and delves further into the murder mystery from books one and two of Beaumont's series.

"The Wiloby Estates"
By H.F. Beaumont
ISBN: 978-1-7960-7733-9 (HC); 978-1-7960-7732-2 (SC); 978-1-7960-7731-5 (E)
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris

About the Author
H.F. Beaumont has over 45-years of experience in the landscape industry and is a business owner and designer. He majored in Ornamental Horticulture while in college and his prior experiences also include selling insurance, pumping gas, working as a grocery clerk and being drafted into the USMC during the Vietnam War as an office clerk. Beaumont wrote numerous correspondences to governmental agencies, landscape architects, and building architects for managing multimillion-dollar projects like convention centers, shopping malls, housing tracts, and industrial complexes throughout his career. He even estimated and project managed, the landscape for three projects at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. "Descending the Spiral Staircase" and "The Wiloby Estates" mingle Beaumont's experiences with other facets of the books and book three of the series, "Stockdale Avenue" is also now available. He currently resides in Windsor, Colorado. To learn more, please visit

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