Grimes' Extreme Eyeball Surgery & Other Strange Facts We Just Learned About Elon Musk's GF

Grimes is revealing her daily routine and it's far from normal.

The singer, who's dating SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, unpacked her day to day life in an Instagram post on Monday while promoting her campaign for Adidas by Stella McCartney.

She opened up about crazy life altering things, including an experimental eye surgery she had done to help with depression, and it's so wild we had to break it down.

Here's every strange thing Grimes -- real name Claire Elise Boucher -- does per day to be her best self.

Full disclosure: it takes a lot of work.

The Eyeball Surgery

Grimes claims she had all the blue light eliminated from her vision by undergoing an "experimental surgery" that "removes the top film of my eyeball and replaces it with an orange ultra-flex polymer."

Yep. You read that right, but it gets even better.

She says she and her friend "made" it in a lab this past winter "as a means to cure seasonal depression."

Deprivation Tank

The 31-year-old musician says she maintains her "healthy cellular routine" by "maximizing the function of my mitochondria" by taking supplements.

These include: NAD+, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Magnesium and more.

After that, she jumps in her deprivation tank and spends anywhere between 2-4 hours in it. Saying "this allows me to 'astro-glide' to other dimensions - past, present, and future."

She's deep.

Sword Fighting Session

Every day, she spends 1-2 hours in a sword fighting session.

Revealing her trainer teaches her fundamentals that work "the obliques, core stabilizes, and triceps" to help her keep in tip top shape.

But that's not her only exercise -- she also hikes. Saying to "wind down" from her sword sessions she spends 30-45 minutes on an inclined hike "at roughly 4-4.5 miles per hour." She calls this "arguably the most efficient workout."

Grimes then stretches for 45 minutes.

Are you tired yet? Us too, but we're only halfway done.

Studio Time

After all that exercise, she heads to the studio where she says "my mind and body are functioning at peak level with a neuroplastic goal between 57.5 and 71.5 AphC’s" which she predetermined is the "preferred range for my blood type."

Adding that her studio is completely decked out with the "highest grade of red light," she says it's basically "1000 square foot" infrared sauna.

Scream Session

She finally ends her day with a 20-25 minute screaming session.

Grimes' friend comes over and while the singer slow boils honey tea, they shout back and forth.

She doesn't go into more detail, but it sounds like amazing therapy.

Grimes doesn't brew the honey tea just for pleasure. She says this type of tea "maximizes vocal proficiency."

Last, but not least, she sleeps with a humidifier, which is the most normal thing about this entire revelation.

Relationship With Musk

It's safe to say that Grimes' billionaire boyfriend has some influence on her regimen.

The two have been together for quite some time, debuting their relationship at last year's Met Gala.

Musk famously dating Amber Heard after she split from Johnny Depp.

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