Green Jobs Now: Pennsylvania - WorkingNation's Data-Driven Report on the State's Growing Green Economy

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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- WorkingNation, a nonprofit news organization reporting on the future of work, today began releasing written, audio and video reports - plus economic data not available anywhere else - on how green jobs affect the economy of Pennsylvania and ways the underlying job skills could boost the state's workforce.

Green Jobs Now, a series from WorkingNation. (PRNewsfoto/WorkingNation)
Green Jobs Now, a series from WorkingNation. (PRNewsfoto/WorkingNation)

Data collected for the WorkingNation journalism project, Green Jobs Now: Pennsylvania, shows nearly 30,000 workers in Pennsylvania's green economy. With a $1.2 trillion federal investment in U.S. infrastructure coming, the number of Pennsylvania green jobs is projected to grow 6.4% over the next five years, according to Emsi Burning Glass, the firm that collected and analyzed the Pennsylvania data for WorkingNation.

"Pennsylvania is a window on the future," says Paula DiPerna, an author and strategic environmental policy advisor collaborating on the project. "Pennsylvania is trying to move towards a new definition of industrial growth in terms of transitioning from being dependent on an economy that flows from the use of fossil fuels to one that flows from alternatives."

Pennsylvania represents the first state-focused installment of the WorkingNation/Emsi Burning Glass Green Jobs Now series, a state-by-state, data-driven journalism project to define and identify green jobs and skills, pinpoint where workers can find them, and create a vivid snapshot of the green economy.

The Pennsylvania reporting includes:

  • a article by Laura Aka on a company in Philadelphia and Allentown, Pa., and New Castle, Del., diverting construction and industrial debris out of the waste stream and repurposing it for new uses, and a Philadelphia workforce development organization that trains workers for green jobs.

  • an audio podcast in the "Work Green, Earn Green" series in which host Jay Tipton talks to architects transforming neglected Pittsburgh neighborhoods into eco-friendly communities, making the Steel City a green city.

  • a video in the "I Want That Job!" series highlighting in-demand jobs of Pennsylvania's green economy.

  • an Emsi Burning Glass report detailing green jobs data and trends in the Keystone State.

So where are the opportunities and how can local workers take advantage of them? Green Jobs Now: Pennsylvania identifies the state's most in-demand green skills overall and for selected occupations, and suggests certain workers could get salary boosts by learning and applying green skills. For example, an electrician with green skills and competencies could earn $5,000 per year more than average for the occupation in Pennsylvania.

What's more, there is broad opportunity: It's estimated there are more than 1.5 million workers in the state who could learn new skills to give them access to the growing number of green jobs.

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