Grateful Giraffes Launches First-Ever U.S. Grateful Bus Tour In Honor Of Mental Health Awareness Month

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For the next 50 days, the Grateful Giraffes will spread gratitude across the country through live events, custom art, and an RV that anyone can sign.

PHILADELPHIA and TEL AVIV, Israel, May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today, Grateful Giraffes puts its Gratitude Wall concept on wheels by launching "The Grateful Bus," a minibus that has been converted into an interactive public gratitude journal & art installation. The Grateful Bus focuses on elevating well-being and improving mental health. Since the onset of COVID-19, record levels of depression, anxiety, and loneliness have plagued the country. The company created the Grateful Bus to help support U.S. mental health through gratitude practices, art, and bringing people together from all ages & backgrounds in a safe space.

Over the next two months, The Grateful Bus will travel across the U.S., co-produce wellness & web 3.0 events with local communities, and invite people to write something on the bus, reading what others have written, and add a positive boost of energy to their day. The Grateful Bus Tour will be in the following locations:

NYC: May 2nd - May 3rd
Philadelphia: May 4th
Washington DC: May 5th
Miami: May 8th - May 12th
New Orleans: May 18th
Austin: May 20th - May 22nd
Phoenix: May 24th
San Diego: May 26th
Los Angeles: May 27th - June 1st
San Jose: June 2nd
San Francisco: June 3rd - June 6th
Denver: June 9th - June 12th
Chicago: June 15th
NYC: June 17th - June 21st

"While more than 90% of Americans describe themselves as grateful, less than half express gratitude on a regular basis," said Max Marine, CEO and Founder, Grateful Giraffes. "Countless studies show that the power of gratitude lies in its expression; this is what elevates mood, reduces anxiety, and improves our personal and professional relationships. At Grateful Giraffes we are on a mission to close this gratitude gap by making gratitude practices more accessible, enjoyable, and social; The Grateful Bus gets us one step closer."

Grateful Giraffes was founded in January 2022 as a response to the exploding global mental health crisis. The company is on a mission to elevate collective well-being by building the House of Gratitude, a virtual community center designed to make gratitude practices more accessible, enjoyable, and social. Through daily journaling prompts, live group meditations, conversations about gratitude, and group gratitude sharing rooms in Discord, The House of Gratitude is already live & growing!

The company is raising initial funds by selling 7,777 Grateful Giraffe NFTs that will provide their holders with a premium lifetime membership in The House of Gratitude. Membership includes: access to exclusive events, parties, and retreats, IP rights to a unique piece of digital art;, governance over a non-profit foundation called The Grateful DAO (the DAO takes 10% of the Grateful Giraffes revenues and grants money to causes the community cares about and votes on together)' and discounts at The Grateful Market where anyone can purchase eco-friendly wellness products and gain access to a global network of high-quality wellness professionals.

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