Gorillas at Chicago Zoo Enjoy Showers of Popcorn to Celebrate Special Holiday

Kelli Bender
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Brookfield Zoo in Chicago Celebrates National Popcorn Day

The Brookfield Zoo celebrated national popcorn day in a special way

Popcorn is a popular snack among Chicago residents, gorillas included.

To celebrate National Popcorn Day on Jan. 19, Chicago's Brookfield Zoo treated their gorillas to a special surprise.

According to the Associated Press, keepers air-popped buckets of popcorn — a safe snack for primates — and then filled the timed feeders through the zoo's western lowland gorilla exhibit with the snack.

The plan led to the gorillas being showered in delicious popcorn at regular intervals, and luckily the zoo caught the popcorn rain on camera.

Footage from National Popcorn Day at the zoo shows the gorillas watching the bursts of popcorn rain down on their heads before scooping up handfuls.

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The animals foraged for and noshed on the popcorn for the rest of the day, picking up and eating almost every kernel that fell into their exhibit.

"On #NationalPopcornDay, the only thing better than popcorn is popcorn confetti," the zoo wrote on Facebook along with the video of their gorillas dancing in the popcorn rain.

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The Brookfield Zoo is temporarily closed to the public due to COVID-19 precautions but plans to reopen in March. While the zoo waits for guests to return, they are sharing updates on what their animals are up to on social media.