39 Brilliant And Tiny Details On "30 Rock", "The Good Place", And "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" That Make These Stellar Shows Even Better

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1. On 30 Rock, GothamMoms.com has some hilarious talking points – particularly the last one.

2. On The Good Place, in the first season, Eleanor wonderfully foreshadows the big reveal.

3. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hitchcock and Scully find a way to pass papers without getting up.

4. On 30 Rock, Jack has a signed picture of Jesus.

5. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hitchcock always carries a comb even though he's essentially bald.

6. On The Good Place, Chidi eats at a restaurant called "Eating Nemo."

A zoomed in picture of the Eating Nemo menu
Fremulon / NBC

7. On 30 Rock, in a live episode, there is a different Frank at one point. A Fred Armisen Frank.

8. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Terry reacts to a diss in the background.

9. On The Good Place, the "Welcome! Everything is fine." lettering is actually slightly off-center, and the plants on either side and completely uneven.

10. On 30 Rock, Liz has an impeccable senior quote.

11. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, someone – probably Jake – has added to a sign urging people to keep the kitchen counter clean.

A close up of the sign, with Have you seen my kitchen counter, careful what you wish for written on it

12. On The Good Place, the name of the Buddhist monk Jason pretends to be means "in jail" or "in prison."

13. On 30 Rock, Jenna has vodka – maybe water, but, nah, definitely vodka – with some whipped cream.

14. On The Good Place, the specific point examples are truly fantastic details.

15. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gina foreshadows her bus accident.

16. On 30 Rock, Yahoo Answers, Cinemax, And Spike TV microphones make an appearance.

17. On The Good Place, flowers bloom as Eleanor and Michael approach them.

18. On 30 Rock, Tracy wears this presidential t-shirt.

19. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the tagger defaces Jake's computer.

A close up of the breast shaped tag on Jake's computer monitor

20. On The Good Place, Jason says "Thor" instead of "Fore" when playing croquet.

21. On 30 Rock, there is a brilliant last name.

22. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the nightlight Amy invented shows up again in the next season.

23. On The Good Place, Eleanor's funeral celebration has a "Ya DEAD" banner.

24. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Charles makes a rule that Jake cannot talk about Derek while they're on a stakeout.

25. On 30 Rock, there is a brilliant titled Jimmy Carter biography.

26. On The Good Place, the timeline of Chidi's existence is super consistent.

27. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we see that Holt has a pride flag before we learn he is gay.

28. On 30 Rock, there are some amazing Harry Potter shoutouts.

A close up on the bulletin board signs that say, Uniform Fitting for Death Eaters FRIDAY, Wand Replacement Fee 85 dollars, HOGSMEADE BADGES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES AND IN ALL DIMENSIONS, and Chamber of Secrets CLOSED FOR RENOVATION 112  through 1 25
Broadway Video

29. On The Good Place, Michael – who is acting as if he "loves" human things, like paper clips – wears a paper clip bracelet.

30. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Charles sports his "Chorles" gift from Gina.

31. On The Good Place, we see where Janet and Jason's anniversary date falls on the Jeremy Bearimy timeline.

32. On 30 Rock, Dr. Spaceman's book makes a subtle appearance.

33. On The Good Place, the number 322 comes up in two important ways.

34. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gina has a drink she clearly stole from Rosa.

35. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you can see Jake trying to sneakily take a glass of orange juice.

36. On 30 Rock, Kenneth's immortality is hinted at when he's present in a flashback.

37. Also on 30 Rock, "Immortal Characters" is on Kenneth's TV No-No Words list.

38. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hitchcock and Scully label their pizzas.

39. And finally, on The Good Place, Tahani's diary has a star-studded foreword.

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