GOOD MORNING: The big guy in red needs our help

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Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Now that we are all full still from our Thanksgiving feast, the Christmas season has begun in earnest.

One of my favorite movies this time of the year is "Miracle on 34th Street." Though I will watch any version of this movie, I am partial to the one made in the 40s with Natalie Wood as the little girl who is featured in the movie.

The key theme of this movie is that Santa is as real as our belief in him and that the spirit of Christmas lives in all who believe. I think it also teaches that people should do what they can to help others enjoy this season.

To that aim, the Salvation Army trees at stores and other places throughout the county and to adopt an angel. No child should be denied the wonder of Christmas because their parents have to choose between presents and utilities or rent.

And while we are all at it, we should think of the elderly people in our community who might not have family or friends to offer them holiday cheer. So many times simple things can mean the world to these folks.

Lastly, I would ask us all to put aside our political or other differences and remember that at this festive time of the year we should really be wishing for peace, love and happiness for our family, friends and neighbors.

So enjoy all of the shopping, wrapping and eating that this season has to offer and remember to be the reason someone's season is brighter. Those kinds of things warm one from the inside out and fill one with a feeling that can't be wrapped under a tree but is a tremendous gift anyway.

This article originally appeared on Herald Democrat: GOOD MORNING: The big guy in red needs our help

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