GoMarketing Offers Home Services Companies Website Compliance for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), with Development and Software

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Lately, ADA site compliance and website compatibility are no longer terminologies for home service companies. These terms refer to strict adherence to compliance. Furthermore, the dangling threat of ADA violation is the chance home services companies don't have to take when there's expertise and technological solution available. "GoMarketing wants to make each aspect of website content accessible to anyone with a disability," said Richard Uzelac, the CEO and Founder of GoMarketing Inc.

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- GoMarketing offers Americans with Disabilities Act Website Compliance. The digital era is not a self-automated mechanism that convinces and offers home service companies with ADA compliance support. But continuous evolution of digitalization has managed to create a need for home services businesses to remain ADA compliant. "As much as GoMarketing takes pride in its AI-based content modification, we want to help home service companies understand the financial and legal impact of violating the Americans Disabilities with Act," continued Richard Uzelac, the CEO and Founder of GoMarketing Inc.

"Once home service companies understand the value of ADA site compliance, business owners would make the right call and ensure their business site is accessible and usable for disabled individuals," added Richard Uzelac, the CEO and Founder of GoMarketing Inc.

Practically, ADA website compliance boils down to making business sites more accessible and more usable for people with disabilities. Home service companies also need to understand that the Americans with Disabilities Act have set forth certain web design and web content standards. For instance, one of the ADA clauses dictates that business sites should have integrated tools such as keyboard-only or screen readers to make the content more accessible for disabled people.

Whether the nature of the content is blog posts or videos, home service companies still have to adhere to ADA rules all the same. ADA compliance is not a black and white process – it requires ADA tools to make manual changes on the site and achieve compliance. "The good news for home service companies is that we can integrate our AI-based software solution on their site that would make the relevant content adjustments," added Richard Uzelac, the CEO and Founder of GoMarketing Inc.

Home services companies should be aware of the fact that there are no apps or services that can ensure ADA compliance. It takes a manual and automated AI approach to maintain website ADA compliance. Therefore, don't make preconceived assumptions about installing and integrating an app that would magically make the website ADA compliant. Besides, ADA compliance is not a one-time activity; it is a process that home service companies have to follow.

With ADA compliance, disabled people get the ability to view and navigate business websites with confidence and freedom. ADA site compliance is already a benchmark for a diverse range of industries, and home service companies are not an exception. In the future, you can expect even more considerate accessibility guidelines for disabled people. In all fairness, home service companies have to ensure that their site is perceivable and understandable for disabled individuals. "The mission of GoMarketing is simple; generate ADA compliance awareness and help home service companies remain compliant," said Richard Uzelac, the CEO and Founder of GoMarketing Inc.

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