Gojira Frontman Joe Duplantier: Greta Van Fleet’s New Album “Blew My Mind”

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Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier has praised Greta Van Fleet’s sophomore album, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, remarking that the LP is “absolutely amazing” in a new interview.

Greta Van Fleet have gotten their fair share of flak since bursting onto the scene with a pair of EPs in 2017, and a debut full-length album in 2018. Comparisons to Led Zeppelin soon became an albatross for the upstart hard rockers, whose flair for vintage appeal led critics to deem them copycats.

But the Michigan band shrugged off the haters with 2021’s The Battle of Garden’s Gate, showcasing a wider array of influences than in the past. And Duplantier, who fronts one of metal’s most acclaimed bands, is among those who were converted by the record, stating that it “blew [his] mind” when he first heard it.

“I heard about them as being a rip-off of Led Zeppelin,” Duplantier told Revolver. “I think these kids are very talented — I hate calling them kids, by the way, because it shows how old I am. Seeing a bunch of 20-year-olds grabbing vintage instruments and f**king laying it down like they do, like in the good ol’ days. You can say they sound like Led Zep or this or that; it doesn’t matter to me. I have more faith in humanity when I hear that. I’m, like, ‘Yes, some things are not lost.’ That album is absolutely amazing.”

Duplantier joins a host of other major musicians who’ve come to the defense of Greta Van Fleet, including Jack White. who said, “That guy has a very cool voice. The more he makes it his own, the better. People used to say, when I first came out, ‘He sounds like Robert Plant.’ If you keep pushing forward, that shit goes away.”.

greta van fleet 2022 tour
greta van fleet 2022 tour

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Gojira Frontman Joe Duplantier: Greta Van Fleet’s New Album “Blew My Mind”
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