GOFA Launches First AI-Focused, Equipment-Free Fitness App Geared Towards Beginners

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An entire affordable workout library now targets an overlooked demographic

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Beginners, first-timers, and those returning to fitness finally have workouts designed specifically for them, taking the guesswork out of correct form and modifications. Launching today, Tuesday, January 25, 2022, in the Apple and Android app stores is GOFA, Goal Oriented Fitness App, which uses innovative and proprietary AI technology to provide real-time feedback and motivation, no additional equipment beyond a smartphone needed.

GOFA International
GOFA International

GOFA is on a mission to transform lifestyles through personalized fitness for anyone at any time and anywhere. Consumers will foster healthy habits while unlocking their full potential.

With industry-leading AI, GOFA uses GPS, 3D motion tracking technology, and machine learning to provide users with live feedback during workouts. At launch, GOFA will feature seven modalities (running, yoga, meditation, HIIT, strength, Pilates, cardio) and 150 class options. GOFA's AI integrates right into your smartphone, there is no need for additional devices, technology, or equipment, making it an ideal travel companion for workouts on the go.

The AI component focuses on four core elements:

Engagement: For cardio and HIIT workouts, with the phone's camera angled so the user is in the frame, GOFA's AI technology will track movement to detect engagement and activity. The goal is to "raise the bar," keeping it in the active zone. If there's no movement, the radar on the side drops. When the workout ends, a score is given based on how long the user was in the active zone.

Reps: During strength workouts, the app will count the reps on screen while the user faces the camera, performing the movements led by the trainers.

Mirror (launching February 22): Users taking yoga, Pilates, and other slower forms of movement will work to mirror each pose the instructor is performing on-screen with the app and AI providing real-time feedback on corrections.

AI-Running Coach: Audio-based guided runs use AI technology that analyzes real-time data and provides live feedback on pace, distance, heart rate, and personal records.

"I first noticed a missing element in the fitness-app industry during the pandemic when I tried to continue my fitness routine at home, utilizing different apps. My primary goal with working out is to stay healthy and I was struggling to find beginner classes that fit my pace and style, had realistic modifications, and were affordable. GOFA bridges the gap between quality, fun, motivating workouts and real-time feedback and corrections for beginners and first-timers," says Wayne Cheung, GOFA CEO. "Real-time feedback from GOFA's AI technology allows for a safer, more effective experience. It's been said that beginners and first-timers often abandon their journey when classes that promise modifications or a slower pace end up ultimately geared towards advanced students. Or when they are locked into an expensive, multi-month fee without knowing if they'll enjoy the offerings. GOFA eliminates the fear of the unknown and meets the user where they are."

GOFA retails in the Apple and Android app stores for US$9.99 per month or US$79.99 per year.

For more information, please visit GOFA.co.

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GOFA International
GOFA International

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