GOAT.tax Launches Automated R&D Tax Credit Software Backed by Deep Bench of Experts

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FORT WORTH, Texas, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- GOAT.tax, a fully automated research & development tax credit SaaS platform, launches to serve clients across a variety of industries. GOAT.tax gives an opportunity to start-ups and businesses including manufacturers, software, gaming and IoT companies to claim R&D tax credits via an online platform.


GOAT.tax DIY model opens the door for businesses to easily take advantage of the R&D tax credit with minimal effort.

GOAT.tax takes all the guesswork out of a complex tax credit incentive by offering an easy-to-use, self-guided experience along with integration with payroll systems. GOAT's SmartCreditEngine helps to ensure that each company gets their maximum tax benefit.

"We are very excited to finally launch GOAT.tax! Companies are constantly reinventing their products and processes and new companies are entering the market daily, which creates more opportunities to claim R&D tax credits. R&D credits provide a dollar-for-dollar tax benefit, ultimately helping companies through increased cash flow and reduced taxes. Furthermore, GOAT does not discriminate against companies that have limited research expenses and smaller credits and the DIY model welcomes those who may have previously declined performing an R&D tax credit study in the past due to fees," said Deborah Roth, Top Brass at GOAT.tax.

With over 9,800 completed R&D tax credit studies and a team with 300+ years of collective R&D experience, GOAT.tax sets themselves apart from their competitors with their deep bench of R&D tax credit experts. R&D tax credit rules are interpretive and guided by a 4-Part Test for R&D qualification. Understanding the rules for qualification and how to appropriately reflect time and costs within a software system is critical to the success of any R&D tax credit claim.

For more information on GOAT.tax visit www.goat.tax or email info@goat.tax.

About GOAT.tax

GOAT.tax is powered by Source Advisors, a leading tax consulting firm providing tax credits and incentives for almost four decades. Headquartered in Fort Worth, TX and backed by a dedicated team of R&D experts, the GOAT.tax automated software platform was created on the basic principle that R&D tax credit studies should be available to companies of all sizes. https://www.goat.tax


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