Giants' Joe Judge, Logan Ryan, Leonard Williams talk defensive pride in blowout win

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Logan Ryan hyped in home game
Logan Ryan hyped in home game

One week ago, there were legitimate questions on if the Giants defense gave up on the rest of the team.

But there was no such thought on Sunday.

The defense was stout in Sunday's 25-3 win over the Carolina Panthers.

But there was no such thought on Sunday.

"It was great focus on the defense throughout the week in practice in terms of playing together and understanding how this team’s going to attack you, what are their different modes of attacking you, and how we have to defend them," said head coach Joe Judge. "There was a great consciousness this week in terms of how to really be in the right place at the right time based on who we’re playing. Thought they did a great job in preparation, and it showed up in the game."

Judge has emphasized process, and Sunday's defensive effort may be a hint that it's working.

“When the team comes in and they work and they prepare and they do everything necessary to have success, they work together, that’s when you know your team is moving in the right direction. I see it from our guys every week.

Logan Ryan knew the defense had to step up, considering how poorly the defense has played as of late.

But just as important as the win is, the sense of the pride the defense had against Carolina.

"It was kind of an identity game for us. Wasn’t perfect, was pretty good, wasn’t perfect," Ryan said. "Some missed tackles, some stuff we gotta clean up schematically, but we talk about pride, and I have a lot of pride and this defense has a lot of pride, and this area has a lot of pride. And when people say you’re not playing with pride, I mean, that’s just, it’s inexcusable. You shouldn’t even allow that to be questioned."

Leonard Williams repeated those same sentiments. It might have been even more personal for him, as he had just three sacks in the previous six games - he had 1.5 on Sunday.

“This was big time. As a unit we kind of talked about putting the team on our back more and how our team is, what we think, our team is built around the defense," the edge rusher said. "We take pride in being a defensive team and so far this year we haven’t really been stepping up to the plate. I think this was a really big game for us. We didn’t allow any touchdowns and we were putting our offense in good field position and we closed the game out like we wanted to.”

The Giants will look to get their second win in a row next Monday night in Kansas City against the Chiefs.

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