Ghislaine Maxwell: What happens next and where will she serve her prison term?

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Maxwell is likely to serve her time in a high-security prison - REUTERS
Maxwell is likely to serve her time in a high-security prison - REUTERS

Ghislaine Maxwell will serve at least three years in a US prison, but she will apply to be transferred to a British jail for the remainder of her sentence, according to a source.

The Telegraph has been told that Maxwell - who has British, French, and US citizenship - plans to make a formal application to be transferred back to the UK for the bulk of her jail term.

Under US law, she must spend the first three years in an American prison, but can then apply to return to the UK to be closer to her family.

Maxwell has already been held in detention at Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center for two years following her arrest in New Hampshire in 2020 - much of which she spent in solitary confinement on suicide watch.

The judge may decide to consider the 24 months as time already served.

Maxwell's lawyers requested that she be incarcerated in the low-security federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, where Piper Kerman, author of Orange is the New Black, served 13 months.

Because she was convicted of sex crimes, she will not be sent to a minimum-security prison camp like the one in Alderson, West Virginia where celebrity cook Martha Stewart served time for insider trading.

Prison officials are most likely to place her at a high-security jail away from media intrusion.

She is expected to appeal as soon as is practical.