Georgia election official demands Trump stop 'inspiring' violence: 'Someone's going to get killed'

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One of Georgia's top election officials has a harsh message for President Trump and his continued conspiracy theorizing.

Trump has yet to acknowledged President-elect Joe Biden won Georgia and the whole presidential election a month ago, preferring to doubt the accuracy of the vote and rail against Georgia officials of his own party. And in a Tuesday press conference, Gabriel Sterling, a Republican and Georgia's voting system implementation manager, made it clear Trump has gone too far.

In a direct message to Trump, Sterling said that "it looks like you likely lost the state of Georgia," though the president "has the rights to go through the courts" and wait for a formal recount before conceding. "But what you don't have the ability to do, and you need to step up and say this, is stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence," Sterling forcefully said. "Somebody's going to get hurt, someone's going to get shot, someone's going to get killed."

Sterling went on to bring up Joe diGenova, a Trump campaign lawyer who called on fired cybersecurity official Chris Krebs to be "taken out at dawn and shot." Election workers in Georgia have also had death threats, with one in Gwinnett County told he should be "hung for treason," Sterling added. He once again turned to call out Trump and Georgia's Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue for failing to "condemn this language" and "these actions." "This has to stop," Sterling finished.

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