Geode Health Selects Measurement-Based Care Tool, Mirah, to Deliver Evidence-Based Treatment for Patients

BOSTON, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Outpatient mental health services provider Geode Health has selected Mirah, a leader in the adoption and implementation of measurement-based care, to support the evidence-based, medically proven treatments they have committed to offering their patients.

Mirah Logo
Mirah Logo

With measurement-based care, patients routinely self-report on their well-being using clinically validated assessments. Providers review the results to inform treatment and support clinical decision-making. This data-driven process increases patient engagement and has been shown in research to improve outcomes. Setting itself apart in the industry, Mirah's platform includes a robust library of 400+ clinically validated assessment measures to allow clinicians to customize treatment for their clients.

"We intend to partner with best-in-class tech solutions across the patient and provider experience," said Geode Health CMO, Dr. Ravi N. Shah. "The industry is moving toward value-based care (VBC), and measurement-based care with Mirah will be the foundation on which our VBC efforts are built. Mirah will also offer our patients a voice in their treatment and support the best possible outcomes for them using evidence-based practice."

Mark Potter, CEO of Mirah, explained, "Geode Health is showing leadership in the new order of healthcare, where outcomes metrics are as common as blood pressure readings or HbA1c tracking. By partnering with Mirah from Day 1, Geode is improving behavioral health outcomes as part of core operations and not just as a 'nice to have.'"

On a rapid growth track, KKR-backed Geode Health is building operations across the United States to offer accessible, affordable, and effective treatment. Geode Health is on a journey to transform mental healthcare and partnering with Mirah is a big step on this path. Mirah's seamless EHR integration and team of clinical experts dedicated to successful implementation make the Geode/Mirah pairing especially compelling. Geode Health has a targeted footprint of 250-300 centers over the next 5 years and Mirah is uniquely equipped to handle the large scale.

About Mirah: Founded in 2015, Mirah has been a pioneer of the measurement-based care (MBC) movement. Patient-centered and provider-driven, Mirah is designed to better engage patients in their care and offer support to clinicians in delivering it. Mirah's best-in-class platform is paired with a support team with deep clinical expertise to enable effective, sustainable implementation of MBC across organizations of all sizes. Learn more at

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