15 Toxic Gen X Trends That Should Have Ended, Like, Yesterday

·3 min read

People have called out the most toxic boomer, millennial, and Gen Z trends — but according to the internet, Gen X can be pretty toxic as well. Here are just some "toxic" Gen X things that they're pointing out:

1.Creating a toxic work environment:

2.Believing all kinds of working hours should be a norm:

3.Always complaining about being left out:

4.Like, being left out is a personality trait:

5.Trying to distinguish themselves from boomers:

6.Being offended by being called one:

7.And apparently, causing MORE damage than boomers:

8.Being passive aggressive online:

9.Being triggered by everything:

10."Achieving nothing":

11.Oversharing on Facebook:

12.Being rude customers:

13.Feeling the need to always share their opinion:

14.Hating their wives:

15.And TBH, hating everyone:

WELP. Do you agree with these? Let us know in the comments below.

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