Garth Brooks chokes up during emotional live holiday performance

Garth Brooks got a little emotional during the Garth and Trisha Live! holiday concert event with wife Trisha Yearwood on CBS Sunday night.

Throughout the live show, viewers were able to request songs via social media using the hashtag #GarthandTrishaLIVE and, after many viewers began to request Brooks's Christmas classic "Belleau Wood," a song the country singer co-wrote and released in the '90s about events that happened on the front lines during Christmas in World War I, Yearwood told her husband, "Good luck, buddy. This one makes me cry and I never cry."

Prior to the performance, Brooks shared that he usually does an abbreviated version of the song. However, on Sunday, he insisted on singing the whole version, which made it even harder for him to make it through to the end.

Viewers at home also got emotional during the performance as the heartfelt song, which discusses the heartbreaking cost of war, but highlights both triumph and tragedy as opponents find peace and unity, was a perfect reminder to have hope during this holiday season.