These Game of Thrones inspired cats are encouraging pet owners to adopt

Khaleesi the cat is adored by the internet, her owners, and of course her favorite companion, Drogo

Video Transcript

JORDAN STEWART: I would describe Khaleesi and Drogo as Khaleesi being this unhinged, crazy girl, but also very loving and very sweet. And Drogo, pretty much the same, also unhinged and crazy at times. My name is Jordan Stewart. This is Khaleesi and my girlfriend, Mara, and I both run the Khaleesi cat with our other cat, Drogo.


As far as physical appearances, Khaleesi is known for being heterochromia. She has two different colored eyes. A lot of her fans really love that about her. The type of content that we post on social media is mostly just unhinged humor. We ended up having a lot of inside jokes with our fans.

So our content has evolved over the years. We've been doing this for a couple of years now. Since our first post, we've incorporated other things into our humor such as twerking. We essentially just tried to create stuff that we think is funny.

The biggest impact that Mara and I both hope to make through these videos is to really give back when you can. We've worked with shelters. We've worked with big corporations to get supplies and donate them to people who need it.

I think one of the biggest things that we strive for is to encourage adoption and encourage giving pets and shelters a chance. Over the years, this definitely has grown to be a passion of mine. If you would ask me three years ago what I thought I was doing, I definitely wouldn't be creating videos of my cats on social media. It's really grown into a passion, but something that I'll probably do for the rest of my life.