Game: Could you manage as a food delivery courier?

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The pandemic created a surge in demand for food delivery services, with such speed that regulations protecting workers haven't kept up — making those jobs much more dangerous, according to a report.

Play the Axios game to experience delivery life (click on the link in the image below).

Data: Los Deliveristas/Worker's Justice Project and Cornell ILR's Worker Institute; Graphic: Jacque Schrag/Axios; Illustrations: Maura Losch, Aïda Amer/Axios

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Details: The report by Los Deliveristas/Worker's Justice Project and Cornell ILR’s Worker Institute, surveyed 500 food delivery workers in New York City from December 2020 to April 2021. They found harsh working conditions, including...

  • Average net pay (excluding tips) was $7.87/hour.

  • Around half reported having been in an accident — often being hit by someone opening a car door.

  • 83% reported being denied the use of a bathroom at restaurants.

What's new: Ten days after the report was published, NYC lawmakers passed a set of bills aimed at protecting delivery workers.

  • This month, DoorDash announced an in-app feature called SafeDash as a way for drivers to seek emergency help.

Yes, but: Despite this, there are no federal guidelines detailing protections for food couriers, whom many see as essential workers during the pandemic.

The bottom line: Remember to tip those real people making those deliveries happen.

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