Gallery hosts "Animals" for August and September

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Aug. 4—GREENSBURG — The August/September show at the Art on the Square Gallery on Washington Street in Greensburg is "Animals." It features local artists' conceptions of our furry friends, fowl and pets.

Displaying their works for this show are watercolorist Judy Glore, fabric/quilting artist Nancy Derheimer, and newcomer to the gallery Debbie Crowe.

Glore's work "Hope" is a mysterious piece that's been on display before in her portfolio.

"Hope" is a semi-impressionistic mixed media piece centered around a bird's head and the word "HOPE" in the foreground of the piece. Very surreal and almost cubist in appearance, the painting showcases Glore's mastery of light and texture.

In a relatively recent development in Glore's technique, she has become more "savage" in her treatment of her canvas. As showcased in her watercolor of spoon bill herons, Glore uses her paintbrush to damage her canvas, creating interesting textures in the way the torn paper takes the paint.

And her subject matter is only limited by her imagination, which is seemingly endless. When asked where she saw the herons, she said simply "in my head."

Derheimer has become another favorite at Art on the Square and her works never seem to lack in creativity and color. She uses her hand-dyed fabrics like paints, splashing the quilted surface with her fire and adeptness in capturing unusual topics in stark detail.

He work "Blue Peacock" hangs in the Gallery for the Animals show, but could occupy the center spot of nearly any show thanks to Derheimer's spot-on technique and off the wall use of color and quilting.

If you visit the Gallery often, you find new details in Derheimer's works, details you might have missed in previous visits. She never disappoints.

A relative newcomer to the gallery is Debbie Crowe. Crowe bases most of her works around portraiture.

Crowe moved to Indianapolis after her children left the nest and studied at the Broad Ripple Art Center, studying one-on-one with Indianapolis artists of note.

"A face tells everything. It's a whole landscape, actually, and they are always challenging," said Crowe.

She said she is captivated by a model's eyes, and goes from there.

Her deep Christian faith is evident in many of her portraits; she includes Biblical passages with select portraits and put wings on portraits of her grandchildren "because they are my angels."

She has several works in the Animals show, and also volunteers occasionally at the Gallery.

Visit the Gallery at 114 E. Washington Street, across from the courthouse on the north side of the Square or online at

The gallery's hours are 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday; closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

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