Galgus, recognized by Gartner as one of the best companies of geolocation in the world

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- The Sevillian startup has been included in a market guide that lists the most advanced solutions for geolocation indoors.

- Only 25 companies in the world are part of this select group.

- Gartner experts highlight the value of Galgus solutions for context analytics based on Wi-Fi networks. These solutions allow the study of the location and behaviour of people in indoor and outdoor environments.

SEVILLE, Spain, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Galgus, a Spanish company based in Seville, has been included by the prestigious international consultancy Gartner in its Indoor Location Application Platforms market guide, which compiles the best applications for geolocation indoors. This document is updated and published annually. By appearing in this guide, Galgus became part of a select group of 25 companies around the planet.

After studying the technology and solutions offered by Galgus, Gartner experts have named Galgus one of the world's leading developers and distributors of location and tracking technology.

The analysts who made this guide did it with the purpose to recommend the best solutions for the study of people geolocation in different environments.

Gartner also highlights the importance of Location Analytics and the protection of personal data for corporations. So, besides reflecting the most advanced companies developing this technology, they offer a detailed market study.

Gartner is one of the most important and prestigious technology consulting companies in the world. It's present in more than 100 countries and serves more than 14,000 companies and clients.

Galgus has been designing, developing and deploying the latest WiFi network technology in the most challenging environments for years. Galgus WiFi networks provide cutting-edge Internet access while collecting valuable contextual information for the infrastructure owner, including information related to location, tracking, heat maps, people counting, etc.

In this way, the work of the administrators of these networks is easier, as well as the detection of new business and improvement opportunities for the company.

Galgus technology is already deployed in multiple environments, including towns, cities, rural areas, schools, shopping centers, train stations, aircraft, luxury hotels, convention centers or football stadiums.


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