Give your home a subtle upgrade with functional and affordable floating shelves

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A trio of floating shelves.
These floating shelves will keep you organized. (Source: Amazon)

Shelves can transform unused spaces into practical and stylish storage areas. You can use them to display your prized possessions, from books to trophies, or make any room more organized.

Choosing the right floating shelf isn’t easy. Knowing the shelf's purpose, contents and placement can make a difference. But you also need to decide which unit reflects your personality, enhances the overall decor and meets your needs. One Amazon bargain lets you check off all these boxes — and it's on sale today for 30% off, thanks to Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale.

A trio of stylish yet practical floating shelves

Three gray floating shelves.
Grab these floating shelves and transform your living room. (Source: Amazon)

$20.89 $29.99 at Amazon

Choosing shelves can be a bit overwhelming. Some are too decorative, ending up dominating or clashing with the rest of the room, while others are too plain. In contrast, this shelving unit from Amazon boasts a sleek design that is simple and versatile. Each set contains three shelves, with a choice of small, medium or large boards.

The floating shelves are made of high-quality Paulownia wood and come in neutral colors, so you can place anything on the surfaces. But what really makes them stand out is their “hanging” aesthetic and rustic look, effectively bringing a fun element to any room.

Mounting these shelves isn’t difficult. You can use the metal brackets to lift the shelves or support them, depending on how you place them (on top of the board or below it). Once you set them up properly, the boards can hold up to 40 lb. For reference, three average-sized books only weigh 2.2 lb.

A shelf can enhance any room's look, purpose, and organization. But you should be discerning when choosing your decor. Usually, these shelves are priced at $30, but you can get your set of three from Amazon today for just $21 with the added 5% coupon. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, you can save even more, down to $17. Don't miss out on these amazing Prime Day deals!

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