Fred VanVleet says Raptors would have 3-peated if Kawhi stuck around

Fred VanVleet has never been wrong. (Getty)
Fred VanVleet has never been wrong. (Getty)

In the latest episode of How Hungry Are You? — hosted by former Raptor Serge Ibaka — Fred VanVleet asserted that Toronto would have not only repeated as NBA champions if Kawhi Leonard re-signed, but actually three-peated.

Known for not beating around the bush when it comes to asking his guests questions, Ibaka, who won a championship with Toronto in 2019, prompted VanVleet to admit just how good he believed that championship squad was. The All-Star point guard brazenly said that a “three-peat” could've been in their future, highlighting the incredible synergy that championship group possessed.

“Three-peat. For sure,” VanVleet told Ibaka “It was just a perfect group of individuals and we all understood, everybody had the right mindset for the roles. I think definitely we would have won a few more.”

Raptors fans feel you, Freddie.

VanVleet would not trade Scottie Barnes for Kevin Durant

In a segment called “Spicy Questions: Truth or Drink,” where VanVleet had to indulge in Ibaka’s insect-infused drink whenever he declined to answer his questions, the Rockford native showed his loyalty to the team’s precocious star. The 33-year-old asked VanVleet whether he would trade Barnes for Durant straight up.

Much to Ibaka’s chagrin, because VanVleet’s answer meant he now had to drink, the 28-year-old said he would keep Barnes.

“I wouldn’t do it,” VanVleet said when asked if he would trade Barnes for Durant. “I told you, I’m a loyal guy; I’m not a trade guy.”

Ibaka, egging him on to double-down on his answer, prompted VanVleet to reply, “yes. I mean listen, that’s my teammate.”

However, when the question opened up to any of his teammates in exchange for Durant, VanVleet, with a smile on his face, took a sip of Ibaka’s insect beverage. That's a veteran move right there.

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