Former Fox News reporter explains why he left network: 'Right-wing hosts drowned out straight journalism'

Carl Cameron, formerly of Fox News announced new gig at a progressive news site. (Credit: YouTube)
Carl Cameron, formerly of Fox News announced new gig at a progressive news site. (Credit: YouTube)

Former Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron took a jab at his old network this week — while announcing that he’s starting a new adventure.

Cameron, popularly known as “Campaign Carl,” announced in a YouTube video on June 24 that he’s joining a new, progressive website called Front Page Live, two years after leaving Fox News after 22-years of reporting.

“The idea of fair and balanced news appealed to me,” Cameron said in the video. “But over the years right-wing hosts drowned out straight journalism with partisan misinformation.”

Cameron was one of Fox’s first hires, and said he has a deep understanding of how the right thinks, and experience of “literally thirty years” of covering Donald Trump.


Cameron didn’t sugarcoat his opinion on Trump either, calling him a “con man,” as well as accusing him of colluding with Russia and appealing to voters to be informed before the next election.

However, his turn in allegiance wasn’t well received by everyone. Mark Levin, host of The Mark Levin Show and Life, Liberty on Fox News tweeted yesterday, claiming that he had personally seen Cameron “hobnobbing” with conservatives and his new liberal site contradicts what he “personally witnessed.”

Some Twitter comments suggest that the move was likely for a paycheck, pointing out that Cameron has been “bashed by the liberal media” for being conservative in the past.

Another person pointed out that it was a bit suspicious that it took him all those years to express any sort of distaste for Fox News.

Someone added that shifting to a liberal outlet may not have been the best move if Cameron took issue with Fox News’s lack of balance, and should have continued on with the network to improve its coverage.

In the video, Cameron said “My job, what I do, is inform. That’s it. Make your own decisions.” Some supported him in Twitter comments, pointing out that reporters have left Fox News so they’re able to “do their job with integrity.”

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