Former employees of major corporations are sharing alleged company secrets for a new TikTo

On Dec. 11, @annaxjames made a TikTok video asking her followers who have “worked for a large corporation like a chain of a restaurant or a retail place” to share “the secrets that only the employees know”. She kicked things off by sharing that when she worked at Hollister “back in the day,” things were “kind of messed up”. there were allegedly two positions at the store: back stock and model. “In order to be a model, you had to be attractive and in the interview process, they rated you on a scale of 1-10”. User Michael Ryan shared that McDonald’s has “so much science behind everything”. He claimed that the straws that McDonald’s uses are purposely larger “because it lets more carbonation hit your tongue and makes the soda taste better” . Former Target employee Lizzy Wong shared that the store price matches all of its competitors’ prices. All you have to do is go to guest services and show them the lower price. @atomictango had some similar economical tips from her time working at Kohl’s. She claimed that Kohl’s employees are trained to follow a “Yes You Can” policy, which instructs workers to give customers a discount they’re fighting for if it’s less than 50 percent off the original price tag