Form, Function, Freedom: unskirt, by unseem, Elevates the Wrap Skirt for the Modern Lifestyle with Hidden Shorts, Large Pocket

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Patent-pending unskirt maximizes comfort and function with zero elastic, buttons or zippers, while remaining fashionable from day to night

SAN FRANCISCO, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Redefining fashion and function, unskirt, a new wrap skirt with hidden shorts and a phone-sized pocket, launches today. Innovatively designed and sustainably produced, unskirt blends form, function and fashion for consumers who demand more.

The skirt is one of the oldest garments humans have worn. From animal skin hides to billowing layers of fabric, the skirt has been a foundational garment, according to CBS News. In the 20th century, designers modified skirts by ditching excessive fabric and narrowing the silhouette to more closely hug the body. In 1959, Montgomery Ward claimed to have invented the skort, which gained popularity among tennis players, golfers and athletes. In the 1990s, skorts were often bulky with a flap of fabric covering a standard pair of shorts. The style hasn't been elevated to a higher fashion until unskirt by unseem.

With both shorts and the phone size pocket 100% hidden, unskirt provides comfort and a sense of freedom without compromising style. Each unskirt is made out of 9.5 recycled plastic bottles, spandex and recycled polyester. An adjustable waistband with no zippers, elastic or buttons makes it easy to recycle and reuse as well as ensures comfort from day to night. unskirt wraps around the back and front and includes a large pocket that fits a phone, cards or keys.

Wearing a skirt comes with limitations and worries. Windy days can lift a skirt, and activities like biking and even walking can become uncomfortable without the right undergarments. With unskirt, those worries are cast aside. Hidden shorts provide comfort during any activity and modesty should a breeze lift the flowing skirt.

"The constant worrying when wearing a skirt can be overwhelming," said creator Viya Qu. "unskirt allows me to live freely and fearlessly without compromising our comfort or style."

The startup consultant turned fashion designer is devoted to ensuring unskirt is sustainably and ethically made. Unseem works with boutique production studios in Montreal, Canada and Mexico and pays its partners living wages. Only 100 skirts are crafted in each batch to ensure high quality. unskirt is made with recycable & biodegradable fabrics and with minimal fabric waste. A QR code, printed inside each skirt, gives customers full transparency as to who made their unskirt, when it was made and how many fabrics were used. Unseem also plans to plant one tree for every purchase made after their initial funding round via Kickstarter.

"Every brand should make an effort to be more transparent. It's hard, but together we can create a rippling effect of positivity and sustainability," said Qu.

unskirt is available in black, ranges from XS to 5XL and comes in mini and knee-lenth options. unskirt is available starting at $109 at

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