Flustered mom demands to be held to the same standards as dads: 'I want their rubric'

KC Davis (known on TikTok as @domesticblisters) is a mom, author, and founder of StruggleCare.com . Recently she’s gone viral for her all-too-real rant about how we judge moms. The video starts with the pinned comment, “Haven’t done anything of what I wanted to achieve today. He’s a great father but not a thoughtful partner sometimes”. KC, with a jerk of frustration, explodes in response, “This is so fascinating to me. I hear this all the time. ‘He’s a good dad, BUT he’s bad at care tasks’”. She continues, “‘He sends the kids to school with the shoes on the wrong feet, hair unbrushed, clothes inside-out, with a popsicle for lunch — but he’s a GREAT dad’”. “If I sent my kids with their hair unbrushed, shoes on the wrong feet, clothes inside-out, with a popsicle for lunch to school, I’m a ‘bad’ mom,” she goes on to say. The video concludes by KC saying, “I want to be scored with the dads. I want their rubric”. “YES! Dads who give their kids love and attention are good dads (of COURSE THEY ARE) without care tasks. Moms MUST do care tasks, not just love,” one user commented

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