The Flower Boy NFT Collection Creates a New Purpose in the Digital Space by Acting as a Time Capsule for Generations to Witness

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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2021 / The Flower Boy NFT collection is the result of an artist's experimentation in digital art six years prior. Whereas most NFT collections display two-dimensional animal-based figures, the Flower Boy NFT utilizes the artist's digital work, creating a unique token in the NFT marketplace. The project was born out of a collaboration with Ballin Detroit, a Detroit-based innovation brand founded with principles that range from suicide prevention to financial literacy.

For centuries, the mediums of visual arts have consistently evolved, going beyond the walls of a cave and canvas and popping to life through film. With the world entering the epoch of technology, the prospect of digital art has attracted the attention of many traditional artists. However, as the community thrives to adapt in the digital era, technological innovation has spawned a new medium, Non-Fungible Tokens. Many artists from digital and traditional backgrounds have not only grown fascinated with the trend, they started diving into it. Joining the fray is the multidisciplinary painter Von Deon, also known as The Flower Boy, who is collaborating with Ballin Detroit to release his collection, The Flower Boy NFT.

Rodney Woodland, CEO of Ballin Detroit, reached out to the artist to join him. The Flower Boy was easily swayed with the premise of the project. "I recognized immediately that they were on a mission to build a strong ecosystem and bring NFTs to the mainstream through an organically grown community," said Deon.

The Flower Boy creates artwork using Photoshop to create composite digital images that he then translates into "Super Flat" style paintings heavily influenced by graffiti culture and street art imagery. He has coined the term "Image Sampling" for this patented process. The Flower Boy produces artwork involving floral designs and elements and events centered around the concept of spiritual, mental and physical growth.

Many of the Flower Boy's early digital works remained in his hard drive for six years as keepsakes, and it wasn't until the end of 2020 that the artist realized his works had the potential to thrive. The surging popularity of NFTs in 2021 created the perfect platform for the artist, prompting him to create The Flower Boy NFT Project.

Each collection on The Flower Boy's Opensea serves as a time capsule for a specific moment in The Flower Boy's development as an artist. "You can clearly see it," he said. "All of the pieces are so different. You can kind of follow the maturity of it all; my color palette, subject matter, and overall balance within each piece."

Now each collection has its own unique qualities. Some are growing collections, and some will forever live as the limited collections presented now.

The most recent project is the Flower Boy Collection. It is a project that gives each member the ability to collect up to VIP status. In the Flower Boy Collection, one can collect a five point flower coin, a water droplet coin, and a plot of soil coin. Collecting all three coins gives someone VIP status, unlocking a purchase code that gives each member access to an ongoing flow of original artwork and products on that they can purchase with that unlocked code.

Thanks to the popularity of NFTs, The Flower Boy was able to breathe new life into his brand. The artist hopes to carry on his vision of telling the story of The Flower Boy through a never-ending flow of original art series, public art installations, collaborative curation, and product design. "The opportunity to create an immersive community through a shared virtual platform has taken precedence as a consequence of the NFT phenomenon," said The Flower Boy.

Learn more about The Flower Boy NFT collection by visiting his official website.


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