Florist coming to Meow Wolf for first NM performance

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Aug. 10—It takes time to create a body of work in music.

For the members of Florist, they weren't in a rush and it would take two years to complete the new self-titled album.

"It was a pretty long process and it was done in a couple different sections," says Emily Sprague. "We got together in summer 2021 and finished the rest of the recording. It's been a waiting game since."

Florist will perform at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe on Tuesday, Aug. 16.

Joining Sprague in the band is Rick Spataro, Jonnie Baker and Felix Walworth.

Walworth says the band also took its time in editing the album as well.

"We only cut two songs," Walworth says. "We had about 15 instrumentals and that process was one of the biggest parts."

Because the album was written in different stages, there was more communication needed.

"We did our first session and we felt like there could be more," Sprague says. "I showed some songs to Felix and we're rearrange the songs. He was writing for some of it too. The whole process was about playing together."

Walworth says the band worked around the clock during the last session because they rented a house for a month.

"That's a big part of making it to the end," Walworth says.

The members also didn't realize that they were making a double album.

"As we wrote, everything seemed to fit together and connect to the purpose," Walworth says. "As we were arranging the songs, some of them ended up informing the other. It was very dynamic. We didn't go into this having a master plan."

Sprague says the whole album is a different experience from the band's previous work.

"It's just strange enough," she says. "I believe in it and hearing the songs is going to be great. I know it's a different listening experience for the audience."

Florist would love to play the new album all the way through during their tour, but they know it's not possible.

Sprague says the band is currently figuring out what will make a good set.

"There are only four of us and we can make all of the dynamics happen in a live set," Sprague says. "The goal is to play the whole album, but not in its entirety. We're playing with arrangements."

The band is also looking forward to performing in New Mexico for the first time.

"We've heard about Meow Wolf and are ready to experience it," Sprague says. "We're looking forward to being in such a beautiful place sharing the music."


With Marc Merza, Diatom Deli

WHEN: 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 16

WHERE: Meow Wolf, 1352 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe

HOW MUCH: $15, plus fees at tickets.