Florida Mom Launches "Privacy. Period!" Campaign to Stop Mandatory Requirement that Teenaged Girls Disclose Menstrual Cycle Information to Athletic Departments

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Florida High School Athletic Association's Board of Directors will consider a proposal at its meeting Feb. 26-27 that would make mandatory four questions about teenaged girls' menstrual cycles to provide to athletic departments in order to compete in sports. Florida mom, Jenn Meale Poggie, today launched the "Privacy. Period!" campaign to stop the proposal from being approved.

Supporters are encouraged to sign this petition to indicate their opposition to the mandatory reporting on menstrual cycles:

"Teenaged girls' menstrual cycles are private, and any conversations or disclosure about them should be among the girl, the parents and their physicians. Requiring disclosure about periods to athletic departments is a complete overstep and violation of privacy. Athletic departments need to stay out of health care and respect female athletes' privacy," said Jenn Meale Poggie, who is spearheading "Privacy. Period!" and a mother of three daughters.

The Florida High School Athletic Association's Board of Directors, which is comprised of 88% men, will consider the proposal at its next meeting in Gainesville.

Media Contact: Jenn Meale Poggie, jenn@pinnaclemediafl.com


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